Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Scavenger Hunt: AG Doll Catalogue

Heyy! Yesterday I shared a scavenger hunt with you and today I made this AG Doll related one! I'll have more in the future of different types. You can play by yourself or with friends and family.
Here's What You Need (for each person playing):
Old AG Catalogue (one you don't mind cutting out pictures from) (you can choose to have many available)
Glue Stick
Large Piece of Paper (any color)
Ideas For Playing:
If your playing by yourself then you need one of everything, each additional person playing will need another set of items.
So find the items on this list, cut them out of the catalogue, and glue them onto your large piece of paper. Decide if you want to try and find them all or find a certain amount of the things on the list. If playing with more than one person, you could see who can find the most things in a certain amount of time, find everything first, or any other variations you can think of! Note that depending on what catalogue you are using, you might not be able to find everything.
The List:
1.A Retired Doll (Historical, GOTY, or MAG/JLY)
2.Retired Outfit (Historical or GOTY)
3.Retired Outfit (MAG/JLY)
4.An Old MAG/JLY Meet Outfit
5.Clothing That Has Red, White, and Blue in it
6.Clothing That Is For a Holiday (Historical or GOTY)
7.Clothing That Is For A Holiday (MAG/JLY)
8.Five Accessory Sets That Include Food (Any Combination of Historical, GOTY, or MAG/JLY)
9.Something That Costs More Than $300
10.Something That Costs Less Than $10
11.Outfit That Includes Hair Accessory
12.Pajamas for a Retired Doll (Historical or GOTY)
13.Retired Pet (MAG/JLY)
14.Retired Pet (Historical or GOTY)
15.Clothing That Has Been Out For 2 Years (or more!) And Is Still Available
16.Retired GOTY Piece of Furniture
17.Pet That Was Retired But Came Back  :) (You can use the old version or the new version but it has to be that specific pet)
18. Retired AG Book/Kit
19.Your Fave MAG (I gave you an easy one!)
20.A Limited Edition Item (can be currently available or retired; doesn't include an item that will eventually retire it has to be something listed as Limited Edition)
Challenge: All Of The American Girl Pets Ever Available. 
Use A Catalogue of Go Online And Get The Pictures (No Cheating and Looking Them Up On The Internet :)  
Have Fun! Did you play? Tell me if you enjoyed it, or anything else you'd like to say!
Thanks for Reading!

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