Thursday, June 28, 2012

AG Has Dolls With No Hair and Hearing Aids!

Heyy! American Girl has come out with hairless dolls and hearing aids! I think that this is wonderful and a fantastic addition to the AG line. Here's a picture!

There are 5 doll options with no hair and they also offer to have a doll with hair have her head replaced to a doll with no hair at the doll hospital. You can buy them by calling only at this time.
Here is what AG has to say on their Facebook Page:
For more than a year, American Girl has been hard at work developing a doll without hair option for girls affected by cancer, alopecia, or any medical condition causing hair loss. Debuting today as part of the My American Girl® line, the new dolls provide even more possibilities for a girl to create a friend that’s as unique as she is. Due to special handling, orders for the new dolls will be taken exclusively through our contact center by calling 1-800-628-5145. These special dolls also will be included in our $100,000+ annual doll donation to the Children’s Hospital Association.
We recognize the passion and interest expressed for this product over the years and are excited to introduce this new option for girls!

So, are you excited for these new dolls?
Also, AG has come out with a hearing aid for dolls! You can get it at the time of purchasing a new doll or you can get it by sending your doll to the doll hospital. It get fitted for a perfect fit in one or both ears. It costs $14. Here's a picture!
The hearing aid for dolls
There's now one more way to personalize your 18" My American Girl® doll: hearing aids. When you admit your doll to the Doll Hospital, our experts will perform a permanent piercing behind her ear to ensure the hearing aid is expertly fitted—in one or both ears. For more details or to order a My American Girl doll with a hearing aid, call 800-845-0005.

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  1. Wow! I saw this on AG'S Facebook too and I was so surprised! :D Yay AG!


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