Tuesday, October 16, 2012

AGP Trip Summer 2013 and GOTY 2013

Heyy guys! I really would like to get Saige, GOTY 2013!As of October 2012,  I hope to save up enough money throughout the rest of this year and next year, 2013, to get her collection...I know, big dreams! :)
On January 1st and 2nd, they give out a "goody bag" and have some really cool events, but they have similar and more events throughout the year (crafts and celebrations for the GOTY, same things that they give on the 1st and 2nd but spread out for the events, as well as some new items that weren't given out on the 1st and 2nd). I'm hoping/planning to go in the Summer (July/August 2013). I would like to go during one of the events for the GOTY and have a personal shopper. The personal shoppers are free, and they can help you make decisions as well as look through some items in a back room before deciding what you'd like to purchase. They can also give you some special items, like a poster for the GOTY or newest historical. I'm very excited to go...probably in July. I started saving 10 months ago! :) I'm putting that aside for next year.
I would like to get her in January or February, however, I think that it would be so cool to get a doll in a store! I've never gotten a doll from an AGP so I think that would be really fun...but since I would probably be going in July or August that would leave 4-5 months to get the rest of her collection. I think that I would like to get her collection throughout the year, instead of saving (I'll have more money by Summer 2013) and getting it within 4 months. I do actually have my birthday and Christmas after August though, so that also gives me chance to get a few items.
This post was basically just what I plan to do in 2013, for AGP and GOTY. What do you think of the new GOTY 2013? Her name and basic storyline has been revealed, not what she looks like quite yet....can't wait for that! :)
So thanks for reading/commenting and have a wonderful week!
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